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VMHC Teams Up with VSSA to Offer Additional Training/Schooling Opportunities

By KS, 04/26/19, 11:45AM MDT


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Dear Hockey Friends,

We are pleased to share an exciting opportunity and partnership between Kyle Forte, Derek Byron and Vail Ski and Snowboard Academy (VSSA).  VSSA is a public school in Eagle County, that has partnered with Ski and Snowboard Club Vail to create a training environment for serious ski and snowboard athletes.  The School has opened up the opportunity for other sports to take advantage of their unique structure which we are very excited to be a part of! Our goal is to establish a unique training program on and off the ice for our serious hockey players in a challenging college preparatory academic setting. Note:  this program is for training only not full season teams. This program is in partnership with the Vail Mountaineers and Huskies Hockey program to create an additional training opportunity during the season for our youth athletes. This program will be available for students grades 5 - 12 for Fall 2019. 

All players must be accepted by both the hockey program and school to take advantage of this opportunity.  It is not mandatory to attend VSSA join the training program, but you will need to work with your school to gain a flexible schedule in the mornings as this is when the training will commence. The players in the program will be provided two on-ice trainings with our highly knowledgeable hockey coaches and two off-ice trainings per week at Minturn Fitness Club or another fitness training gym with certified trainers. 

We will be accepting 30 players into the program this season, 15 per group. Groups will be determined by age and skill level. 

Typically training for this program will begin at 9 AM each morning either at Dobson Ice Arena or at the gym. After training, you will have the opportunity to go to school and work on your studies before your classes begins. We are very excited about this model as it gives our players the opportunity not only to be more active mastering their craft during the morning, but also take care of homework or assignments before school. This opens up the opportunity for families to spend more time together in the afternoons. The bell schedule or hours of school is attached below but has three different varied schedules, with different start and end times.  (This is the 2018-19 schedule but will be similar with the latest end time being 4:55pm.)

There is still much to be finalized, however, our hope is to keep the hockey training fees below $3000 for the entire year. This will include all Ice/ gym time and coaching fees. We will be providing a full breakdown of financials and schedule of days at the Open House/ information session May 7th at 5PM that begins at the Minturn Fitness Club. 

VSSA requires all students to pay fees of $550 for their classes. There is also another required fee for academic coaches, $550-lower school (grades 5-8) or $650-Upper School (grades 9-12).  This academic coaching fee provides the school 4 additional staff members to be available for all study halls (Think Tank) times and to have an additional adult in all upper math classes and higher level science courses. These extra teachers are a wonderful resource for our youth athletes to take advantage of when they are taking care of their studies between training and the beginning of school. 

We have attached the link for you to complete indicating you have an interest in learning more about this program. To receive additional information about this program you have to fill out the form. 

We have scheduled an Open House to learn more about this exciting program on Tuesday, May 7th at 5 pm starting at Minturn Fitness Club and moving to VSSA.

“My son Mason attended VSSA this past season and took advantage of the training program. The growth I saw both on and off ice was Amazing! The culture of being surrounded by other like mind athletes was a large part of his success this past season on and off the ice. The growth he found as a young man through this experience is bar to none and I would recommend this program to anyone who is looking for the “next level” combination of training and academics for their player.” — Pete Rudrud 

"Attending VSSA has given our son the opportunity to be engaged in a rigorous and supportive academic setting while playing AAA Hockey with the Colorado Thunderbirds in Denver.  With a more flexible school schedule, our son was able to participate in additional on- and off-ice training throughout the week.   VSSA does an excellent job of encouraging students to become their best self as students and athletes."

— Kristi & Benno Scheidegger 

We look forward to seeing you there and please fill out the attached link to the VSSA interest form.