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Colorado Hockey Hub

Pre-season Schedule

Regular Season Practice Schedule (Begins Oct. 2)

*This is a weekly template -- Actual schedule may vary from time to time. Check Calendar weekly for updates.

PRE/POST Practice and YOGA Schedules

All Girls: 
5:00-5:30PM Tuesdays- EPIR (includes yoga) 
6:15PM Wednesdays- Dobson 

Bantam A/B (mandatory for A): 
6:50-7:20PM Wednesdays- EPIR (includes yoga)
7:30PM Thursdays- EPIR 

PeeWee A/Squirt A (mandatory):
5:15PM Wednesdays- EPIR
6:15PM Thursdays- EPIR
7:30-7:50PM- Wednesdays- EPIR (yoga)

PeeWee B: 
6:15PM Mondays- EPIR
6:15PM Tuesdays- EPIR
6:40-7:00PM Thursdays- Dobson (yoga)

Squirt B:
5:15PM Mondays- Dobson
4:15PM Wednesdays- EPIR 

2017-2018 Preseason Schedule (Including Sunday Skates, Evaluations/Tryouts)

* Sunday "Fall" Skates begin August 6th * Player Evaluations will be held September 14th - September 18th